The Chakra Earrings – Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Chrysoprase, Angelite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz

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Chakra Jewelry
The body holds 7 major chakras
1. Root Chakra – Grounding Safety and Security
2. Sacral- Sexuality and Creativity
3. Solar Plexus – Will and Power 
4. Heart – Love for self and others
5. Throat – Communication
6. Brow – Intuitive
7. Crown – Connection to the Higher Self and Universal Knowledge

Balance and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit using the gemstones that help the body to do so. Each gemstone connects with a specific chakra. The Chakra Earrings are made with all solid sterling silver made with real unaltered gemstones. My stones have been certified by a gemologist and are consciously sourced. I sage all the jewelry before it ships too.

1. Garnet-grounds • cleanses and reenergizes the chakras • revitalizes, purifies and balances energy • brings serenity or passion as appropriate • inspires love and devotion • balance the sex drive • alleviates emotional disharmony. Red Garnet in particular stimulates the kundalini energy and aids sexual potency • provides for free flow of movement via the spinal column and the inner pathway of light, distributing the appropriate amount of energy to each portion • can stimulate expanded awareness and past-life recall • activates other crystals, amplifying their effect.

2. Carnelian- opens or soothes because of its unique healing properties

3. Citrine-increases magnifies and brings clarity to personal power and energy • focuses intent of the individual

4. Chrysoprase-gentle healing and loving energy • balances the yin/yang energy • aligns one’s chakras with the ethereal plane • Activates opening and energizing the Heart Chakra bringing the energy required for the physical body through the energy of the heart chakra, transforming it into physical energy • facilitates a deep heart connection with Mother Earth, often manifesting harmony, abundance, and contentment.

5. Angelite – very high vibration • calm peaceful energy• Angelite is a lovely blue stone with a peaceful energy that is calming and peaceful • aids contact with beings in the higher realms•aids you to connect with angels, •assist you to make contact with spirit guides.•stimulate the birth of psychic gifts,aid channeling and mediumship.•enhances communication

6. Amethyst-regulates crown chakra • Enhances intuition and psychic powers • Aids in meditation and lucid dreaming • Stabilizes emotions

7. Clear Quartz – amplifies and attracts positive energy • protective •easy to program your intention • Facilitate dreams
Help you regain knowledge of forgotten memories • Promotes wisdom and higher realms of perception • Activates all levels of consciousness and foster their intercommunication • Aids the higher chakras in emanating white light •Promotes psychic visions • Revitalize the mind/body/spirit connection • strengthens the aura • stimulates the entire immune system and help bring the body in physical balance and a greater state of health•clears and balances chakras

******If you are interested in a chakra necklace, earrings or bracelet i can make them with many different combinations of stones. I will happily make you a custom ones. Just message me for info custom orders. I love doing custom work to design with specific stones based on your metaphysical needs and still beautiful combinations of the appropriate stones. Not just charka but any necklace bracelets and earrings,******


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