A beautiful type of crystal, it’s translucent purple from a light violet, to grape, and deep Smokey purple. It’s a common stone which is easily obtained. There are other varieties of amethyst but we won’t get into those today. Being a high vibration stone that is also very protective, it guards against psychic attack as well as negative energies of all types.

Amethyst is a great stone to help balance energy, clear, cleanse energy, and reduce stress. It is a positive energy stone that promotes love and selflessness. Amethyst is great to meditate with by increasing spiritual awareness, tranquility and sensing love of the divine. It corresponds to the crown chakras and helps with the 3rd eye intuition, out of body experiences, and inner vision. You can use it to cleanse auras as well.

Also known for healing properties, it promotes healing throughout the body and brings harmony while repelling negative energy. So, if you’re just starting out in crystals, I highly recommend this stone for its versatility and for its properties.


*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical physician, nor am I giving medical advice. If you have an illness that needs attention please seek a doctor.


I want to start with a clarification to make sure the words I use mean the same to me as they do to you. So, I start with religion, while I believe religion helps some people I personally am not a fan in my life of religion. Mankind shaped religions with their own intentions and interpretations. Because, I have felt way about religion for a long time, I felt like spirituality must not be for me. I ignored the fact that I was less and less happy even though I had what most would call a good life. Life had taken a very hard turn south and I was going through a divorce from a 15 yr marriage, I had been a stay at home mom for 12 years due to my son’s autism. I had no job no money, nearly died due to a health issue and had an inoperable brain tumor. Most would say things looked bleak. However even though I was at my lowest point, I had friends who really went above and beyond helping me get on my feet, The lengths they went to to help me made me want to understand how some people could be so kind and not want anything in return. I started reading about some eastern religions, self help books, and I asked the friend who had done the most for me (She did a lot, took weeks of work to nurse me back to health). I asked her why she did so much for me. She said it made her feel better to be able to help.

I had started to develop a sense of spirituality. I realized that I believe there was a God because there was no real reason that explained how or why I lived. It was a miracle given the situation. I asked God for help and I got help. Every time things got bad something always came through that saved the day. As I grew, I met the man who would eventually become my husband. He is a Reiki healer and he did Reiki on me most every day for over 2 years.

My brain tumor at this point was over 5mm in the base of my brain. 1 year after when they did my MRI is started to shrink and they said it might be shrinking but it might not. I had to have another several MRIs. It was shrinking and after 2 years it was gone! Drs said it wasn’t possible but then it happened. In 2017 my dr (chief of neurology at a very prestigious hospital) said I can thank God for what happened but in all his years in practice he had seen a tumor disappear and not come back 2 times over his career. I gradually over that time got better and had made changes in how I treated people and myself. As I grew more spiritually, the healthier I got and my view on life had greatly improved. I know that Source Energy (God, higher power, whatever name you give to your highest power) is always their to guide me, to help me, to teach me.

My life and outlook totally turned around. I was a new person with in few years and it was for the best. I found life had meaning. I learned true gratitude, and the grace of the universe, and life fell into place in many ways after that. I never feel alone anymore. For me spirituality saved my life. I was a very bitter unhappy person and over those few years I have seen how that didn’t serve me. I encourage anyone feeling lost , alone, angry, like life has no meaning to try to connect with your higher power. I will write more in a few weeks about suggestions of how to do that. Connection makes a difference.


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